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School’s out. And so is my motivation.

No one knows this about me. But when I have the evening off and I retire to my room for the night, I go in with the intention of writing.

Well no. Not just anything. I go in with the intention of actually starting to write a story. What actually happens is I write a blog post, read a book, or just pass out. Instead, I want to write something cohesive. Something that makes sense. More importantly, I want to write something that I can go back to and work on over a period of time. I swear there are so many ideas, and I have no problem organizing every other area of my life except for when it comes to my own thoughts. I know, I know. This could be a problem for someone that actually wants to sit down and write a real piece with a beginning, middle, and end for no other reason than my own satisfaction. (Clearly I have issues with procrastination when it comes to this life goal.) I need a plan of action. Advice is always welcome.


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