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Lives of the Not-so-Rich and Not-so-Famous

This weekend some very good friends came up from DC to enjoy the 21st birthday festivities of a fellow AUer here in the city. The party was held in this beautiful old home in Brooklyn Heights overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. Is it sad that everyone compared the evening to an episode of Gossip Girl or Marie Antoinette as opposed to simply taking it for what it was–a well-organized, champagne infused, over the top dance party?

Call me nostalgic and cliché, but it was one of those evenings that will not soon be forgotten. Even if there was copious amounts of alcohol.

Moving on from my life where I pretend to be a socialite once every business cycle, we arrive at my day-to-day life as a commoner. There are certain cultural advantages I get to experience that those who are better off will simply never know of. Take for instance the subway. Why, just the other day I witnessed a man with a razor blade shaving his face only a mere three feet from me. Some might condemn such behavior, deeming it uncouth. If you think about it though, this lowly peasant cared enough about his outward appearance to take a moment and beautify himself prior to making it to his morning engagement.

And here’s something for all of you who enjoy a scandal. I may be relatively poor right now, but like those young, Hollywood starlets I was involved in my very first sexual harassment dispute last night! Leave it to a couple of drunk and middle-aged male customers at a “fine-dining” establishment to tap your bottom and grab your arm when asking for the check. But hey! They sure did tip well. Everyone wins.


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Textbook smart. Internet saavy. Technologically…special.

Today I learned about technology and information. Particularly, about the storage of information. The hugely, gross number referring to precisely how much information produced each year is roughly 5,426,903 terabytes. That probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but it’s a lot. And to borrow from my professor’s notes: if someone were to read one book every week from the Library of Congress, it would take them 365, 385 years to read every one, which…unless they’re drinking from the magical fountain of youth, is just not going to happen. So then I think about these numbers, and the amount of information available, and how little I truly know. And yea, I’m taking philosophy; so I’m really considering the whole idea of a life filled with contemplation and knowledge and virtue…and all that other stuff. Thank you Aristotle. And my pee-wee brain is going, “Don’t you just want to go check out what’s new on, instead of reading Theories of Intrastate and Interstate War?” Well, yea. I do.

So now I’m chewing over a life of pleasure versus a life of knowledge. Which I’ve been told, is just excessive. I’m still a good person. I still care about the world. I’m still going to read Concepts of Peace and Violence. It’s just that I’m going to take a break every ten or so pages and update myself on where Anna Wintour was just seen, why Ben Affleck looks like he’s wearing blush, and how journalist, Jody Paterson quit her job to become-gasp!-a madam at a co-op brothel (thank you, thank you Jezebel).

Bottom line: I have senioritis (also, Wikipedia…you’re not so bad yourself). It’s not fatal, but it is making my attention span sort of equivalent to that of a particular, skinny, female celebrity on speed. So as I take down a spoonful of sugar, here’s to hoping it passes!

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The District of Columbia: Different than the Midwest

I’ve realized, that when I’m bored, I tend to be very efficient in finding the interesting, the ironic, or maybe even the mildly stimulating in the little things. Now that I’m back in DC however, and busy, I can’t seem to come up with anything in my life that I think is worthy of sharing with the world. Truthfully, I’ve come to the conclusion that being home offers a lot to write about. As much as I may complain, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if weren’t for my life in Ohio. The family, my childhood home, seeing old friends… all great resources. Now though in DC, life takes on a more serious persona. I start work and I go to class. I start thinking about my…responsibilities.

I’ve moved into a new apartment. It’s fantastic! (Still decorating, however.) My roommate and good friend, Montana (yes, like the state) and I, will don our abode officially decorated once we have furnished the windows with a nice hanging plant.

Classes resume tomorrow, and I’m actually looking forward to it. I’ve just about run out of things to do in the new place. We finally got the internet hooked up, but recognized that since we have a 13” television set, cable seemed like a silly idea. We’ll see how long this lasts, because I love television. Bad television specifically. I don’t exactly sit around and watch the History Channel. No, no. My viewing pleasure tends to consist of E! True Hollywood Stories and bad, addicting MTV reality shows. And now I feel really brave and bold for sharing this bit of personal information with the general public. I hope you all appreciate my honesty.

My first class tomorrow is Moral Philosophy or “the philosophy of being good.” If you’re anything like me, you also have no idea what this class is actually going to be about. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope it’s actually a course that concerns itself with teaching good manners. I think this world needs a lesson or two on proper etiquette. Nothing huge, but what happened to letting old people sit down on the metro, opening doors for ladies, a simple please or thank you? Or with all of these new forms of communication? I believe a whole new set of manners need to be considered. Let’s look at text messaging for example: If you’re talking with someone for a while, but then choose not to text anything back for say, an hour, it’s as if you’ve completely abandoned the conversation, only to resume it later on your time when you say so. It’s a fairly unimportant observation, but nonetheless, something to consider. Thoughts or concerns? You let me know.

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