I’m not worthy.


The photograph of this little, Parisian fashionista can be found on one of my new favorite blogs, Style Sightings. The people photographed for this site are stunning, so much so, that everything in my closet could basically be compared to a burlap sack when placed next to the threads these folks are donning. Sure, some of the wardrobe choices are a little too over the top, their outfits screaming, “Today, I went for more of a train-wreck look,” but I understand the appeal of wanting to see something different. In America we generally tend to go for a more, “I’ll have what she’s wearing” approach to fashion. This can get really boring, especially when you live in D.C. and the dresscode happens to be an ill-fitting business suit with tennis shoes.



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2 responses to “I’m not worthy.

  1. Victoria brunn

    Life in the states may be dull but some of us do try and spice up the fashion look! Just to be critisized for living outside the box! Live free and where it like you never have before!

  2. agirlgottaeat

    So priceless!….Thanks for the pic and the link to the blog.
    My GF lives near DC and I know how it can be kind of uniform wardrobe there so I feel your pain….Keep fighting the fashion fight.

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