We’ll try this. One more time.

It’s unfortunate when you have to write two very similar blog posts about how you’ll be this wonderful individual from now on who contributes to society in the only way she knows how (by entertaining one or two people, most likely her parents) through posting on said blog. However, it’s even more regrettable when these blog posts are nearly five months apart with nothing self-published in-between.

But, for the sake of consistency and tradition, here I go again. I will be a better person. I will post on my blog. I will, despite all odds, conquer.

Quick updates on life: I am currently interning with Capitol File Magazine in D.C. Literally, I am at work right now and am posting on my blog instead of other work which makes me churn out an impressive $1.25/hr. (That wasn’t a joke, but in fact the truth.) I also started hostessing at a nice, little Italian restaurant called Dino’s in Cleveland Park. If you’re in the area, don’t visit me at work–it will only make me jealous.

In other news: I seem to be developing a little bout of chronic insomnia, a light cold, and more importantly hypochondria. From here on out until my commencement ceremony, I am blaming all my downfalls on the stresses associated with graduating and being suddenly thrown into the “real world.” I’ll be using these two exuses in particular, as they sound legitimate and warrant sympathy. In all honesty though, if anyone out there knows of any non-habit forming sleeping aids that actually work, I’ll be the girl watching The Fresh Prince and George Lopez reruns on Nick-at-Nite well into 4AM.



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2 responses to “We’ll try this. One more time.

  1. Sean

    welcome back jazzy flava!

  2. Welcome back! we missed you here in Cali!

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