Sometimes, we all need a little kick in the ass. What, no?

My blogging suddenly came to a halt after my last post on September 11th, over two weeks ago. I wish I could say I had some decent excuse like, I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome…I was discovered and had to move my life to Hollywood…I was too busy finding the cure for the common cold. But, no.

The reality of the matter is that when school starts, I tend to have a one-track mind. I’m going to try and be better about this in the future. In fact, it’s on a list of things I’m trying to be more conscious of, in an effort to stop feeling guilty and unproductive… Either way, it’s that same old tune, “You are your own worst enemy.” Blah, blah, blah.

But, it’s Friday. And I think we all deserve to take it a little easy on ourselves. If Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, (which is completely untrue for me and everyone else I know) then let Friday be the day of elation. Let go of your worries, your To-Do lists, and your overreaching goals. Do as Epicurus did (this philosophy class is really paying off), and set your aims a little lower today. ‘Cause the man said, if you set your sights low…you’re going to be really pleased when something surprisingly good happens. Amen.


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  1. Best Brother Ever!

    You thought it would take till Thanksgiving to check my e-mail next but u were wrong! It only took till October 24th. Cool blog.

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