I hope you enjoy the tour.

Well, I’ve been back in Ohio since Sunday. During the last three days I have gotten up at 6:45 AM to go on a brisk walk/jog/mainly walk with my Dad. I have also unpacked from my summer in NYC. I have caught up on some great reality television, but have also found the time to sit down and read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. (Which, by the way, I know everyone and their mother has already read. However, if you haven’t yet, I suggest you pick up a copy at your nearest bookstore.)

To say the least, I’ve had a lot of downtime. And it’s not the kind of free time where you feel motivated to accomplish a long list of “To Do” tasks. I wish I could say I was being really productive, but home is the kind of place where the lack of stimuli makes me about as entertaining as a trip to the dentist’s office. Both leave me with a nice, clean feeling, but other than that they fall short of being considered amusing.

This morning I decided to do something other than simply sit around, waiting for minutes to pass. With the intention of posting on my blog today, I went out in search of something to write about. I hopped in my ’94 Toyota Camry (a real beauty with no air conditioning) and took to the open road, driving wherever my little heart desired. As tends to happen though, the open road turned into a five-mile radius surrounding my house, and the idea for a post became taking pictures of my town from within the confines of my sauna…I mean car.


Giant Eagle. Far from just a grocery store “the Eagle,” as called by the locals, is a common meeting area. As there is often not much to do in the evening for the under-21 crowd, students tend to loiter in the parking lot until asked to leave by patrolling officers.


Haskins Road. Cornfields, among nothing else, surround this stretch of land.


Dairy Island. In grade school, if you did anything right, a sweet treat from this tempting roadside concession was your reward.


The Popcorn Shop. No, I don’t live in Pleasantville. But by the looks of it, you may think so. (I would also like to mention that this quaint eatery is located on Main Street.)

After traversing the varied streets of Bainbridge Township and Chagrin Falls, I have come to the realization that leather seats plus no air conditioning is just another recipe for failure to look like a decent human being. I vacated my car with a pool of sweat dripping down my thighs and a dark, wet imprint on the back of my shirt the size of Texas. Fortunately, no pictures from this portion of the morning exist.


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