“These little town blues…”

It’s official. I have left New York City for the summer. Let’s look at a few specific reasons why I’m really, terribly upset about all of this:

1. People watching. This summer my front yard was Union Square. Have you seen the characters that walk through there? Nearly every night, my little New York family (consisting of Andrew and Charlotte), would sit on the steps of Union Square and stare at people. Tall, beautiful, model-esque waifs regularly graced us with their presence. (As to which Andrew and I would turn towards each other and say, “Kudos to her. She looks great.”) Then there were the street performers, break dancing all day-long. And skateboarders. Protesters. Artists. Psychics. Psychos. Lovers. Musicians. Chess enthusiasts. Pure entertainment, right outside my door.

2. Tasti D-Lite. The best low-calorie ice cream you’ll ever have. We used to get this a lot when we thought that a 4 oz. serving was about 30 calories. However, one night Andrew decided to spoil our guilt-free fun by e-mailing us this article: Fewer Calories Than Ice Cream, But More Than You Think. Thanks.

3. Free Magazines. Due to my internship with Condé Nast Publications, and Andrew’s internship with Time Inc., glossy pages were rarely purchased this summer. I think I saved my Dad nearly $75. He’ll be thrilled when I tell him this news.

4. Sometimes I like to be cranky. I used to think that New Yorkers were mean assholes, but it turns out they’re actually emotionally stable people who like to vocalize their feelings. —Alright, so New Yorkers are actually just assholes, but occasionally it felt good to be a complete shrew towards strangers. (For all those in Ohio, I’ll resist the temptation.)


Pictured Above: A view of a subway station. A.k.a.: a perfect place to let out one’s inner crankiness.

My next locale is Bainbridge Township, Ohio. Cornfields, state routes, and mini-golf courses are just a few of the fine attractions this region has to offer. Due to Bainbridge’s “serenity,” it tends to be a place where I catch up on reading material, stay in my pajamas all day, and go through old grade school nostalgia. Did I just admit that? I did…shame on me.


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  1. theandrewgardner

    BAHAHAHA. I love this. “Kudos” is such a good phrase and I def think your dad would be proud of you for saving money on magazines.

    I am so pleased about this. Not to mention seeing Parker Posey AND Vera Wang in the same day.

    Your brother of the rainbow,

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