You’re gonna wanna know us.

Say what you will about me, for I may be boasting…but I have successful friends. We’re a hard-working bunch with high aspirations for the future. To give a few very general examples (you know who you are): I have a friend beginning her own fashion line, with samples soon to be passed around the hallways of Vogue. Another friend of mine is embarking on a career in trend forecasting, while others seek jobs within film, magazines, and photographic ventures.

The way I see it, we may just rule the world someday.

Alright, not the actual world. We’re not exactly curing cancer or saving the rain forest here, but we are trying to commit our lives to something constructive that will also make us happy.

This brings me back to thinking about the question we were all asked as children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Let’s see here. I believe I was considering becoming a meteorologist pretty strongly back in the second grade. As far as the weather goes now, I’m not too proud to admit that I now check it mainly to settle on whether or not my hair will be curly or straight that day (based on humidity, rain, etc. You get it.) Since then however, all of my career-like dreams have been leaning towards the realms of art and/or media.

Now, I may not be quite as good at predicting things like my trend forecasting buddy, but if I were to conjecture my near future from where I sit right now, it might look a little something like this:

I’ve graduated college and am looking for a job. All I will have managed to acquire however, is an editorial internship. Great. I’ll be working for free, again.

My new apartment that I will be living in, which will cost $1000+, is quite nice actually. I’ll have my own room, and when I put my hands out to the sides, they’ll be just short of touching both of the bedroom walls (At the same time, that is). Spacious, really.

Yet each morning, I go to work, and I write a little bit. Sure I may also be faxing a few pages, building some spreadsheets, but I’ll be working towards what I truly want to be doing. I’ll freelance on the side. I’ll meet some people. And sooner or later…I may just be getting paid.

Back to my original point: I have successful friends. We don’t technically have careers yet, (as we may still be in school or have just graduated) but someday, you may just want to network with us.



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2 responses to “You’re gonna wanna know us.

  1. Rimma

    1. Let me just say that I love that you are blogging.
    2. I wanna network with you already 🙂
    3. You might just inspire me to write my own. Although, it would be less about touching Tom Ford and more about pressing the merge button on a State Department computer. Ah well, maybe that will interest someone.

    Much love.

  2. I would gander (is that a word?!) to say that you got this blog topic inspiration from Jane. You hustler!

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